Demolition of Studebaker Factory – Hamilton, Ontario

Abbey Demolition was awarded the contract of taking down the old Studebaker Factory on Victoria Ave North.  The job required a massive operations setup, spanning 14 acres of space and the use of various demolition equipment.  The project involved multiples stages of both internal and external building demolition, machine demolition, materials removal and environmental remediation.

IMG_2726  IMG_2720   IMG_2732  IMG_2719

When undertaking such a large project, especially with such an old building surrounded by residential space, contractors have to pay careful attention to health and safety standards.  We made sure that those standards were exceeded, and the job was completed both efficiently and safely.  Such standards included, the safe handling of hazardous materials and proper use of demolition machinery.

Internal demolition

After most of the demolition was complete the “crushers” were brought out to break-up the remaining concrete that could then be re-used for other purposes. These are some of photos of the final stages of the demolition process.

IMG_2752 IMG_2748

IMG_2745 IMG_2738